Wellness Initiative is on a mission to offer children across the nation with a new and healthy lifestyle at NO-COST! Our after school program which will be offered Monday through Thursday on an ongoing basis is designed to enhance awareness and decrease the stigma associated with mental health disorders through providing children with an opportunity to be outdoors where they can socialize, participate in physical activity, and improve their mental health knowledge. Created with no financial or attendance obligations, our program adds no extra stress on families. At Wellness Initiative, we  strive to teach children that wellness is a way of living that is reflected through daily choices.

About Us: Wellness initiative is a prevention and early intervention program designed to provide children ages 10-18 with an opportunity to develop the skills that can help in better managing the limitations associated with mental health conditions. Thereby, allowing them to lead positive and healthy lives.

Mission: To enhance awareness and decrease the stigma associated with mental health disorders. Ultimately, helping children succeed despite of their mental health challenges. Through adopting an eclectic approach, our cost-free program is designed to help children enhance their emotional, psychosocial, and physical skills. At Wellness Initiative, we aim to go beyond providing education and advocation. Our goal is to initiate and sustain the comprehensive process contributing to mental wellness. Our mission is to offer children a safe and welcoming environment that they can participate in to foster positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

Vision: To have various schools, districts, and communities across the country utilize our model for wellness.

Values: At Wellness Initiative, we value inspiration, empowerment, positivity, and professionalism. Additionally, we strive to instill in children the self-acceptance, flexibility and resiliency needed to thrive in life.

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Our program includes topics that aim to help your child...

Overcome the mental health stigma.

Get the social emotional support needed for wellness.

Develop the values necessary for success (example: resilience).

Develop new skills to enhance self-esteem.

Develop ways to cope with stress/anxiety.

Develop emotion regulation skills.

Learn to adopt a positive/growth mindset.

Develop social skills through role play, as well as peer support.

Learn problem-solving skills.

Learn assertiveness skills.

Get competent at various sport skills.

Learn life skills that go beyond the classroom.

Have access to other local services as needed.

Have fun!


Eureka Union School District partnered up with Wellness Initiative in effort to offer its students the program free of cost. The program will take place at one of the district's sites, and will run Mon-Thurs throughout the school year.

Folsom Lake College Works partnered up with the Wellness Initiative in effort to provide graduate students with local internship opportunities that would further advance their academic careers. 

The Sacramento Republic Football Club is a big advocate for assisting local nonprofits, and will assist the Wellness Initiative in promoting the program to local families.

Interested in helping?

There are many ways you can get involved in supporting our cause; examples include volunteering your time, donating items, or making a financial contribution. Please contact us if you would like to explore ways to enhance children's mental wellness.

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